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GrowTech transforms your sales strategy with a suite of services. We build a scalable sales pipeline, ensuring you convert leads into long-term customers.

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Our services

Turbocharge your sales engine with our services

Transform B2B sales with Growtech's precision-driven outbound and inbound solutions, designed for top revenue outcomes and market penetration.

Elevate your Pipeline

B2B Outbound Sales Development

We laser focus on B2B outbound sales growth, providing team, strategic data and technology to book more Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs).

Engage and Expand

Pre-Event Sales Development

Maximize your event ROI, whether you’re an attendee or an exhibitor. We arrange meetings with potential clients, ensuring you capitalize on every opportunity during your event participation.

Optimize and Influence

LinkedIn Content Creation

Merge cutting-edge outbound tactics with compelling LinkedIn content to boost your visibility and draw in high-caliber leads ready for conversion.

Convert with Precision

B2B Inbound Sales Development

Harness the power of targeted inbound strategies to engage prospects effectively, nurturing them through personalized interactions into loyal customers.

Target and Conquer

Leads List Building

Build precise, market-ready lead lists that empower your sales teams to focus their efforts and penetrate new markets with confidence.

Enrich and Excel

Data Enrichment

Enhance your prospecting intelligence with enriched data that sharpens your strategic focus and aligns your sales efforts with market demands.

Become a part of our inner partner’s circle

Partnering with us means more than just business growth, it’s about creating impactful relationships and sharing success. logoIBM Alpha Zone Accelerator logo
Case studies

Proven results and success stories in B2B sales

Explore the success of our B2B sales strategies through real-world achievements and client stories.

100+ projects delivered
Extensive experience and proven success.
25+ industries served
Diverse industry expertise.
300% average ROI
Exceptional return on investment for clients.
2000+ sales opportunities created
Reliable track record in generating sales opportunities.
AI-powered workflows
Combining advanced AI with human touch.

Omnis Power Europe Key Energy (Italy) Exhibition B2B Sales Development for Live Events

Reached 415 contacts with a 51.51% open rate, 14.83% reply rate, and booked 39 meetings with a 90.70% conversion rate, achieving 130% of KPI targets.

Meetings booked
KPI Reached

Omnis Power Europe Elmia Solar (Sweden) B2B Sales Development for Live Events

Reached out to 400 contacts, booked 36 meetings, and closed 23% of deals in 90 days, reaching 180% of KPI targets.

Meetings booked
KPI reached

IKIDO General Outreach

Increased lead quality by 120% and sales conversion by 30% in six months.

Meetings booked
Generated leads

Honestus B2B Outbound Sales Development

Increased lead quality with a 21% reply rate, improved sales conversion to a 33% closing rate, and fully reached KPI targets by booking 12 appointments and winning 4 deals.

Meetings booked
Won deals

Flanco B2B Outbound Sales Development

Utilized AI-powered tools for personalized messaging, achieved a 40% reply rate and 32 meetings, leading to over $20,000 in closed revenue.

Meetings booked
Revenue closed
Why us?

Overcome challenges with outsourced sales expertise

Unlock expert sales strategies and tech without overhead. We offer the scalability and expertise to quickly enhance your market presence.

Expert sales tactics without overhead costs

Maintaining an advanced, full-time sales team is costly and resource-intensive.

Scale your sales force to meet changing demands

Static sales teams can't quickly adjust to fluctuating market demands or business growth phases.

Leverage cutting-edge sales technologies

Adopting the latest sales technologies requires significant investment and expertise.

Accelerate market entry and expansion

Expanding into new markets often involves lengthy and costly setup processes.

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Award winning B2B service provider

We're proud to be recognized as a leader in B2B sales and outbound services. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our Clutch ratings and industry awards.

Clutch award badge for Top sales outbound company 2023Clutch award badge for Top lead generation company 2023Clutch award badge for Top outbound call centers 2023
GrowTech award winning B2B service provider leaderboard chart
Our team

People behind your B2B growth success

Dom Urniezius CEO & Co-Founder photo
Dom Urniezius
CEO & Co-Founder
Karolis Zemaitis COO & Co-Founder photo
Karolis Zemaitis
COO & Co-Founder
Marta Kolyshkina
Head of Business Operations
Irena Stojanovic
Head of Project Management

What our clients say

Discover the experiences of those who've partnered with us for their B2B sales solutions.

Refer a friend & Earn

Earn 10% monthly recurring commissions for each referral.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you communicate with prospects during outreach?

We operate on a white-label principle, acting as an extension of your team and representing your brand seamlessly. Here’s how we handle communication with prospects:

  • White-Label Service: We reach out to prospects using your company’s branding, email addresses, and communication style, ensuring a consistent and authentic representation of your business.
  • Personalized Outreach: We personalize each communication to align with your company’s voice and value proposition, creating a cohesive experience for your prospects.

This approach ensures that all interactions with prospects are professional, consistent, and aligned with your brand, enhancing trust and engagement.

When can I get discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts for upfront payments for our services. By choosing to pay in advance, you can benefit from reduced rates, making our comprehensive sales development solutions even more cost-effective. Contact us to learn more about our discount structures and how they can fit your budget.

Can I cancel services anytime?

Yes, you can cancel the service by providing us with a 20-day notice before the next billing cycle. This policy is designed to minimize risk and provide flexibility, ensuring you have the freedom to adjust your engagement with us based on your business needs and goals.

Do you provide reports on campaign performance?

Yes, we provide comprehensive real-time and historical reporting on campaign performance. This includes detailed metrics on engagement, lead quality, and conversion rates, allowing you to track progress and make informed decisions.

How quickly can we start a B2B outbound sales development campaign?

We can typically launch a campaign within 14 days of onboarding. This period allows us to customize your lead lists, set up necessary tools, and develop tailored outreach strategies to ensure a successful start.

Newest Resources

Empower your growth with expert sales insights


Kotryna Kurt: LinkedIn Sales Strategy, Tools for Startups #EP4

Welcome to episode #EP4 of the Startup Sales Talks Podcast! Today, we're diving into the world of Sales on LinkedIn with Kotryna Kurt, Founder & CEO of Linkedist. Kotryna is the visionary Founder & CEO of Linkedist, a consulting company at the forefront of LinkedIn strategies. She is on a mission to revolutionize how businesses harness the power of LinkedIn for marketing, advertising, and sales

💼 Leadership in the LinkedIn Landscape:

A thought leader on LinkedIn, Kotryna's influence extends beyond her role as CEO. She shares invaluable insights on entrepreneurship, leadership, sales, and marketing, making her a go-to figure in the LinkedIn community

📚 Educator and Workshop Maestro:

Over the last 7 years, Kotryna has conducted +400 workshops, empowering businesses to navigate the nuances of marketing, sales, and personal branding. Her expertise has been sought after by European accelerators, including Startup Wise Guys, Swiss EP, Tenity, and more.

🌍 Global Impact and Renowned Speaker:

Kotryna's expertise has left its mark at major events like TechBBQ, TechChill, Login, Growth Marketing Conference San Francisco, and Sales Formula. Her global influence has transcended industries, working with brands like LEGO, Accenture and Danske Bank

What You'll Learn in This Episode:

🔹 LinkedIn Sales Insights and Tactics

🔹 Using content for B2B sales

🔹 Success Stories and Case Studies

🔹 Effective Integration of LinkedIn Tools in Sales

Stay connected with us:

👉 Kotryna Kurt

👉 Dom Urniezius

👉 GrowTech LinkedIn

39 min